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Why do we need another Association?

ADI Federation is not just another driver trainer trade association. From its inception, we made it clear that we did not want to join the other industry associations and have what was then known as  ‘Consultative status'. We felt it more important to be ‘independent’ and ‘unbiased’ in that we would not be politically involved with the then Driving Standards Agency (DSA) or beholden to them. Despite our wish to be independent, we have still been invited by the agency to attend high-level meetings and offer advice on some industry-wide topics. By attending such meetings, we have been careful to ensure not to compromise our independence, and the advice and help we have offered has been solely aimed at improving the driver training industry.

Our main objective is to speak on industry issues as a whole, and we aim to work with the DSA's successor, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), not against them. This format has proved to be outstanding, with a success rate far beyond our own expectations.

We do not produce branded merchandise to sell on to members for our own benefit. We do occasionally produce important products, such as personalised Safeguarding policies which we pass-on to members at very low prices.

We are a Not For Profit organisation and operate primarily using monies raised by membership subscriptions alone.

I belong to another Association, so what could I get from joining The ADI Federation?

Many of our members belong to more than one organisation, and they have realised the difference between the varying organisations. The other organisations are primarily there as  consultative bodies; speaking for the industry as a whole and not for the individual.

ADI Federation’s primary role is to offer maximum one-to-one support for the individual ADI, whatever their problem or concern. So by belonging to another association, you are supporting a voice for the industry and by being a member of The ADI Federation you are ensuring yourself of support should you ever be in a position of needing a little help at some time. We also keep our members informed with regular contact - Facebook members-only Group posts and newsletters sent to members in the shortest timeframe.

I don’t expect to ever have a problem, so why should I join The ADI Federation?

If every ADI thought like this, we wouldn’t have any members! No-one thinks that they will ever have a problem, that’s human nature. Many of our members will contact us to clarify a point or position, they know that we are only a phone call away and that we will help with whatever the query. Should any of our members find themselves in a position, that they cannot or do not wish to attempt to resolve themselves, we will do it for them, within reason and in confidence where possible.

Am I covered immediately on joining?

Yes. But there is an exception. We cannot help with any problems that arose prior to joining. A person can’t join and reasonably expect to get help with an existing problem. Think of us as an extra layer of insurance - if you are already subscribed, we are avaibable to you when you need us; if not, we can't help.

Join ADI Federation - £52 annually

Pay by card or PayPay using this button

or contact us for more details