ADI Federation

We Make a Difference in their lives

ADI Federation, a Community Based Organisation (CBO) situated in Coimbatore, has steadfastly and purposefully served tribal communities over the last ten years. Established by visionary tribal women for the betterment of their own communities, the federation is dedicated to uplifting these indigenous groups through a diverse range of impactful initiatives. Their unwavering focus spans key areas, encompassing tribal children's education, socio-economic development, livelihood enhancement via resource utilization, health initiatives, and the protection of rights.


Socio economic Livelihood development of the hill tribes creating opportunity


Empowerment of tribal community by education, capacity building and networking with other CBOs

Creating Change


  • To Raise the socio, economic, cultural and political status of the tribal generation
  • To Assure basic education to all children in focus villages
  • To empower Tribal community, to protect and preserve their culture and rights
  • Improve the Health status of tribal through their medicinal practice
  • To Generate awareness among tribal about rights and entitlements and ¬†empower them through awareness and organization
  • To Protect and Preserve the environment
  • Resources mobilization for their sustainable development of VAP (Value added product)